After the Victory


My Everyday Victories Planner (Full Color)

While After the Victory is an account of unimaginable loss, it’s also a story of triumph, faith, and hope. Even when those we love die, they are never far, and they continue to influence our life’s story.


Take charge of your life and time with this unique planner and journal that can be customized to fit your individual needs. This 8×10-inch, full-color planner will help you prioritize daily tasks, set appointments, establish and create self-affirmations and mantras, track your daily water intake, and so much more. It includes 12 full-month spreads for easy, at-a-glance scheduling and plenty of dedicated space to plan your daily To-do’s. This planner and journal will cultivate and create positive personal growth and development by giving you the tools needed to truly thrive.


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