was my late husband, Ryan Chambers’ idea. Shortly before he passed away, he bought the domain name for our site and told me I could start blogging about the importance of having day to day victories. While my husband was serving an LDS mission, a question that wore heavily on his mind was “Why do good men fall?” He struggled with this question and thought of many different answers, but it wasn’t until after discussing this question with his mission president that he concluded…it is after a victory that great men fall. After a victory is when man is most vulnerable. Ryan states it beautifully when he says,

“It is important for those kinds of victories [the home I want, financial security, the lifestyle I want] but the best kind of application for this phrase (…after the victory…) is the small victories we need to accomplish each day. After our victories, don’t take a break, because it is after the victory that we truly have a success or not.” is a place for inspiration and motivation to have those day to day victories in our lives. Our mission is to “Get strong, stay strong, through life’s victories.”

Often times, it is through our trials and hardships that we become stronger. After the tragic accident, in which I lost my dear husband and sweet daughter, I was broken and devastated…I still am, but I hope to touch others’ lives and hopefully provide some inspiration by sharing my personal experiences and challenges. I know it is though faith in Jesus Christ and a loving Heavenly Father that we can accomplish wonderful things in this life. There is nothing I want more than to be a better mom, daughter, friend, and neighbor… I need those every day victories.